The NEXT GENERATION of oral care.
More than a healthy smile! 


Making the right choice means choosing a better, responsible alternative. It’s mine, yours and our choice. We strongly believe that choosing nature, ethics and high quality standards goes a long way.

Welcome to the alternative+lab, a company of the highest quality, ethical norms and ecological standards out there. In other words, our products give you everything we strongly believe in.

The science of greatness.

We leave nothing to chance. Every step in our production line is a tribute to perfection. We specialise in the production of all-natural oral hygiene products such as:

    • toothpaste and mouthwash 
    • toothpaste tabs and mouthwash tabs

But just in case you have other ideas in the category of oral hygiene, we can deliver just about anything and put your name on it. Send us an email to check our resources and expertise.


There’s nothing we can’t do.

According to our partners’ wishes, we develop, test and produce a new product in the oral hygiene sector. And do all the paperwork. Your own oral care brand? We got you covered. Choose the best-of-class production, ingredients of the highest quality, ethical and ecological approach, high response and flexibility in the innovation process, to name a few. Good choice. 

As long as it’s in line with our high production standards. From idea, development, packaging, visual identity, to production, distribution and everything in between.

 We got you covered with wholesome package of contract manufacturing:

    • development & test series
    • primary packaging & transport
    • brand identity & protection
    • paperwork & product registration
    • market ready production
    • storage & distribution 

We believe in quality over quantity – by choosing high quality ingredients and production methods, we can all make more out of less. Naturally.




We operate according to the highest GMP standards and have our own development and test laboratory, and production facilities.

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