Natural toothpaste tabs X ingredients

When was the last time you read a toothpaste label?   Harsh chemicals, artificial colors and thickeners have no place in our tablets. We took away the bad ingredients, kept only the good ones and pressed them into our Alternative+ toothpaste tabs.  Something we...

What can you do about plastic pollution?

  What can you do about plastic pollution? Be part of the solution, not pollution!   Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the world’s ability to deal...

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

    We operate according to the highest pharmaceutical GMP standards. Our broad spector of machines and production facilities include from start to finish production of each product.   We have our own development and test laboratory, production facilities as well...

Alternative OralCare X Štartaj Slovenija

    We had an honour to be part of the 6th season in the project Štartaj Slovenija with our product Alternative+ toothpaste tabs.   The next generation of toothpaste has been chosen among many projects and products that have applied in 2021.   What is Startaj...

The new generation of TOOTHPASTE. In TABS.

    Have you ever heard of toothpaste in tabs?   The all natural & plastic free alternative to the toothpaste that you have been using your whole life. The beauty of toothpaste tabs. Everything you need, nothing you don’t!   Environmental note We all...

What we do at Alternative OralCare?

The NEXT GENERATION of oral care.More than a healthy smile!    Making the right choice means choosing a better, responsible alternative. It’s mine, yours and our choice. We strongly believe that choosing nature, ethics and high quality standards goes a long way....

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