Have you ever heard of toothpaste in tabs?


The all natural & plastic free alternative to the toothpaste that you have been using your whole life.

The beauty of toothpaste tabs. Everything you need, nothing you don’t!

Environmental note

We all know that plastic is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in today’s world and with our product we can say that with small steps, we can really make a big impact. If we take a look at this as a problem on the individual level, everybody throws away a few toothpaste tubes per year – not quite a big problem. But if we multiply by how many people are in this world, this becomes REALLY big. That is completely solvable. So, that’s why we developed our products.

Natural note

However, there is even a bigger advantage of our toothpaste tabs – because the product is in dry condition there is no need to add any artificial ingredients such as artificial thickeners, parabens, sulfates and we also haven’t added any artificial colors. Why is there no need?

    • NO ARTIFICIAL FOAMING AGENTS: we are not using SLS as a foaming agent as it is aggressive to the gums and has a negative impact on the oral health condition. Our light and magical foam is produced from naturally derived foaming agents.
    • NO ARTIFICIAL THICKENERS: no artificial thickeners as product is in dry condition, compared to conventional toothpaste which is made on water basis as there is no need to control the  ‘liquid’ when applying it to the toothbrush.
    • NO ARTIFICIAL PARABENS and SULFATES: no need for them as dry product is packed in transparent glass and there is no risk that bacterias would evolve as compared to conventional toothpaste that has a wet and dark environment inside the tube.
    • NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS: why add something what is not needed at all?
    • ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR ENHANCERS: our natural aromas make toothbrushing experience completely mesmerizing.

Looking at the above stated facts we were able to press into the tablet only and exactly the ingredients that are needed for a quality oral hygiene.


How to use?

How is the product used? Take a tab, put it in your mouth, chew it a few times until it dissolves into powder. Take a wet toothbrush and watch it foam like a magic – gentle gentle foam, produced from naturally derived ingredients. 


Still not convinced?

Name 3 reasons not to switch from conventional toothpaste to the next generation of toothpaste in tabs. Still not convinced? Get in touch with us and ask us to send you some samples!


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